What To Expect From Residential Cleaning Services

Most people want to have a clean house, but many don’t have the time or desire to do the cleaning. If you are one of these people, you may have considered hiring a cleaning service more than once. These are things you should expect from a cleaning service.

Basic Services

If you have searched for local residential cleaning services Kennesaw, you know that different cleaning companies offer different services. However, there are several services that are consistent. Basic cleaning should include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping your floors. The cleaning professional should also empty your trash and wipe down your door handles and light fixtures. Most services offer dusting, including windows, window sills and ledges, in addition to furniture and knickknacks. Your kitchen appliances, counters and floors should also be cleaned. However, only the inside of your microwave will be cleaned. Your bathrooms are also cleaned thoroughly.

Deep Cleaning Services

Your cleaning company may also offer deep-cleaning services, such as cleaning out your cabinetry and appliances. You may also request that your windows, closets and walls be cleaned. These are projects that you probably only do a few times each year.

Custom Services

You can add custom services to your cleaning program as well. For example, you may ask your maid service to do your dishes and laundry and strip and make your beds. If you have specific needs, just ask your maid service whether they can accommodate your needs.

Cleaning Preparation

Before your housekeeping professionals come over, you need to do a few things to prepare your home, First, remove or put away the clutter. You don’t typically need to provide your cleaning products, but you should get your fresh linens prepared. Also, be prepared to walk through your home with a new service provider. Also, although it is not necessary, if your cleaning professional did a great job, be prepared to tip up to 20% of your cleaning fee.

If you are looking for ways to free up time, consider hiring a cleaning service.

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