4 Fire and Safety Measures for Office Buildings

What would people do if a fire alarm went off? Do they know how to get out without putting themselves or others in harm’s way? Building owners have options to assist in these dire times. Plan now to prepare others for disaster. Implement the following four measures.

1. Invest and Inspect Fire Mitigation Methods

People can try to minimize fire, but they cannot stop it completely. At some point, something could happen. When sparks fly or flames pop up, have the appropriate equipment to reduce the spread, allowing people to quickly get out of the building.

Install sprinkler systems per state building regulations and work with experts in flame retardant spray. Specialists in sfrm application Boston could potentially save you from losing significant assets or suffering severe structural damage. In addition, have extinguishers in open areas where people can see them and grab them readily.

2. Ensure Exits Are Accessible and Visible

Once a blaze begins, it moves swiftly. Staff and visitors should be able to hear an alarm and vacate without trouble, and that requires multiple available exits that are easy to spot and clear of obstacles.

Have signs placed throughout the building indicating emergency paths. Put them in hallways, stairwells and open areas.

3. Discuss Daily Safety Steps

How people act while in the building is essential. Their daily habits could lead to fires starting. Smokers should leave the building, standing multiple feet away. Have a designated location for them to go with appropriate receptacles for cigarettes.

Discourage piles of paper and trash as these could quickly light up. Instead, trash cans should be prolific and proper cleaning habits promoted. Also, store supplies away from heat sources.

4. Complete Fire Drills Periodically

Practice how to effectively and correctly leave during a time of stress. Have drills for the building where people must go through the motions.

To alleviate the damage a disaster causes, take a proactive approach. Prepare the office building and employees for how to react in the case of fire.

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