Quick Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Boat in Shape

Boating season is here, and you’re looking forward to spending as much time out motoring on the water as possible. You have already completed your preseason maintenance, and your vessel is shined up and ready to go.

That first maintenance check is imperative to address any issues that developed during the off-season, but to ensure your boat remains safe throughout the season, every boat owner should keep up with regular maintenance. Here are a few quick tips for keeping your boat in shape this season.

Keep That Engine Humming

An engine malfunction can leave you stranded in the water until help arrives to tow you inland. To reduce the risk for a most unwelcome event, stay on top of your engine’s maintenance. Check the oil prior to each outing, top it off if you need to, and keep up with oil changes. Examine your engine carefully for leaks and flush it every time you return to the dock.

Maintain the Moving Parts

A smooth operating boat requires well-functioning parts. Be sure you check your SPD gas springs shocks to ensure all of your access panels, hatches and other parts will hold when you need them to. Look out for prop issues such as damaged blades or loosened prop nut and cotter spin that can lead to trouble on the water.

Clean up After Yourself

Maintaining a clean cabin makes the tasks easier than if you wait until the end of the season to clean up. Take a vacuum to your dry storage areas, clean your decking and remove snap-in carpets to clean underneath. This is also a great time to closely inspect the condition of other parts of your boat, such as joints and seals, to ensure everything is in good order.

A properly maintained boat makes for a happy boating season. A few regular maintenance tasks, such as keeping up with engine care, checking moveable parts and staying clean holds unwelcome surprises at bay and leaves you free to motor on.

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