Modifying Your Bathroom for Enhanced Safety

There are many reasons you may need to consider updating your home bathroom with important safety features. If you or a family member suffer from a physical disability due to injury, illness, genetic condition or age, it’s important to make the necessary changes for improved safety and independence. Since the bathroom is one of the riskiest areas for slips and falls, it’s helpful to talk to a professional for the right products to keep this space useful and reliable.

Start With the Shower

Having ada showers installed in your bathrooms is an important first step. Companies who specialize in this type of remodel can discuss all of the available options prior to installation. An accessible threshold helps prevent stumbling while entering and exiting. Grab bars provide additional support and stability for maneuvering more freely. Seating options help ensure that everyone can perform the necessary hygienic routines to stay clean and healthy. Whether you want a customized or standardized model, an accessible shower is perhaps the most important component of a safe bathroom.

Address the Toilet

A toilet that’s difficult to access can severely inhibit independence. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to install a raised or lowered toilet for ease of use. A more budget-friendly option is a portable elevated riser, which can be positioned and adjusted as needed.

Consider Changing the Vanity and Sink

Everyday practices, like washing hands, brushing teeth and personal grooming are important aspects of self-dignity and overall health. To help make this area accessible, simply install a system that’s lowered to meet the height requirements while using a wheelchair or other accessibility device. Talk to a home repair expert to ensure the installation process is done correctly. In some situations, plumbing may need to be adjusted or rerouted to accommodate the adjusted height.

To make your home a safe and accessible place, be sure to give your bathroom the attention it needs. These investments can help make life simpler while improving independence.

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