Building Your First Website

I still remember how it felt like to launch my very first website on the Internet. I was very excited when the day to launch my first website came. The moment it went online, I started immediately tracking how many people visit it every day.
I know what you might be thinking. You might want to start your first new website, but you do not know where to get your fresh ideas for a brand new website. Well, I have the right solution here. What you can do is to spend some time surfing the Web and find some websites that you like. It will not hurt anybody if you get inspired and use some of the ideas that others present on their websites. Nothing is wrong with wanting to by inspired by something or by somebody.

Do Not Bombard Your Readers with Ads

I am sure that when many webmasters heard for the first time that they can monetize their website by placing ads they got quite excited. Maybe some of them were imagining how much money they could possibly make with such ads and they got very excited about monetizing their website. While there is nothing wrong with monetizing your website, it is also true that there are disadvantages of having too many ads. Here are some of those disadvantages:
-Too many ads can be distracting for the reader. Even if your readers would like the ads, these ads will distract them from your blog.
-Many ads are intrusive and your readers may think about your website as �spammy�.
-Visitors may be more likely to notice the ads rather than the articles on your site.
Having ads is fine, but it is important not to bombard your readers with too many ads.

Handheld Devices: a New Trend?

Handheld devices are becoming more and more popular each day. Many years ago when I had a Pocket PC, handheld devices were a rarity and most people were not able to say what kind of device I am using. Right now the situation is different with many tablets, iPads, and feature-rich phones such as iPhone on the market. These devices often have internet connection which allows the user to conveniently access the Web wherever they are. Handheld devices have many other features besides online connectivity and these features include the ability to read books, articles, setting reminders, playing music, viewing images and many more. I think that more and more people will have handheld devices as they are simply convenient. This is especially the case if someone travels a lot.

How Often to Update Your Blog?

Sometimes I have people asking me how often they should update their blog. Well, there is no easy way to answer this question as it depends of the blog and the target audience. Generally speaking I would say that each blog should be updated at least once per month. There are some blogs however that should be updated on a daily basis. An example of such blogs would be technology blogs which require fresh content that is not outdated. People visiting technology blogs want to be notified as soon as possible if there is a new iPod or iPad on the market. There are also blogs out there that may not require updated as often as possible. Perhaps an example of this would be blogs dedicated to religious topics where timing of posts is not crucial.

Ways to Claim Your Business

As an online business owner, I know how important it is to grow your business, especially in the beginning of its existence. You need to nourish your small business and you need to make sure that it grows. It will definitely not grow on its own.
One thing I have learned over the years is to claim my business. I do not hesitate to spend some money (although I am not willing to spend a lot on it for obvious reasons) to buy some space on a website that reviews online stores and online business provided that I am going to have a chance to benefit from it in some way. I am really determined sometimes to do everything it takes to claim my business and I am glad when it works.

Why I Like to Monitor My Online Presence

Only because somebody posts a negative article or review about your website is not the end of the world, believe me. People all the time write negative reviews about something they do not like such as online stores where they happen to shop often. This is simply how it is. If a person is not happy with something, he is definitely likely to talk about it on the Internet, especially when he knows that there is nobody to moderate it what he says.

Monitoring an online presence can definitely help keep track of everything that happens on the Internet at all times. When I monitor how my website does and what others write about me on the Internet, I have a chance to actually improve something without that much effort. I am happy to read what others write about me as it gives me some ideas what I might want to improve in my life as well as in my business.


I would like to welcome everybody to my blog as this is the first post that I am making. Many people create blogs these days and I am not going to be an exception. Blogs can be a lot of fun because you can share your thoughts with people all around the world. On this blog I am going to focus on discussing topics related to the Internet and business, but these are not the only things I will blog about. I am going to create different categories so that my readers will be able to browse my posts by the topic they have most interest in. Keep visiting my blog as I promise that I will do my best to keep it updated on a regular basis.