Do Not Bombard Your Readers with Ads

I am sure that when many webmasters heard for the first time that they can monetize their website by placing ads they got quite excited. Maybe some of them were imagining how much money they could possibly make with such ads and they got very excited about monetizing their website. While there is nothing wrong with monetizing your website, it is also true that there are disadvantages of having too many ads. Here are some of those disadvantages:
-Too many ads can be distracting for the reader. Even if your readers would like the ads, these ads will distract them from your blog.
-Many ads are intrusive and your readers may think about your website as �spammy�.
-Visitors may be more likely to notice the ads rather than the articles on your site.
Having ads is fine, but it is important not to bombard your readers with too many ads.

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