The Benefits of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I know what you might be thinking after reading the title of this post. You might be wondering how come there are some benefits of a condition know as irritable bowel syndrome (usually abbreviated to IBS).
I have been suffering from IBS for some time now. I do not exactly know why I suffer from it. Maybe it is because I am rather sensitive and every time I get stressed a little my stomach muscles contract. Maybe there is some other factor such as genetics that contribute to this. I tend not to worry about it but rather look on the bright side.
As a IBS sufferer, I need to avoid fatty foods, which is good for me because my cholesterol levels are always under control and kept in check. In other words, the condition forces me to eat a healthy diet. One other advantage of IBS is that I cannot really eat that much because I tend to feel full really fast. This means that I am never going to have problems with obesity, which is great.

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