How To Make Your Home More Livable

Owning a house is a major milestone in your life, and homeownership is a major investment. Not only are homes so prohibitively expensive that they necessitate that the average person takes out a loan to afford it, but then you have to worry about keeping the house in good condition to maximize your quality of life and, potentially, its value when it comes time to sell. Here’s what you need to know about making your home more livable.


The foundation has become the ultimate metaphor for first steps, and so it should be the first thing you look at when moving into a new home. Cracks in the foundation are initially a minor problem, but it can become much more devastating if left alone. The warning signs of a faulty foundation are tilted walls and cracked windows and door frames, but the worst possible side effect of this problem is that it can eventually cause the house to collapse entirely. Have your home’s foundation inspected when you move in, and try to find foam foundation repair Tulsa OK, when it comes time to make repairs.

Water Damage

Another problem that might seem insignificant at first is water damage. Like a crack in the foundation, a spot of water damage can be all but meaningless in the moment, but both also worsen over time until the problem threatens the structural integrity of the house as a whole. Water damage is particularly insidious because affected lumber will need to be replaced entirely. Excess moisture can contribute to other problems, such as weakening the foundation to cause a crack. Water damaged wood will first warp and then rot. Both cases present an irreversible problem that necessitates replacing the lumber outright. Moreover, water damage is often caused by leaky pipes or roofs, so you’ll need to root out the cause of the moisture to prevent the worst.

What You Need to Know About Locking Casters

No matter what you plan to do with your casters, you probably want them to make your equipment mobile. You may want it to be able to freely roll across your shop floor or be able to rotate. However, at some point, you are going to want that piece of equipment to be stationary. For either safety or convenience purposes, you are going to want to try something with a lock. While this may seem like an easy choice, there are many locking casters on the market. Additionally, floor locks are also an option and provide extra security and stability. These come in different sizes, capacities, and locking mechanisms. Here is an overview of the different types and what you need to know to choose the right option.

Plate Mount Caster

This can be used indoors or in an outside work area for equipment with a flat bottom. It comes with a locking mechanism that presses on the wheel to keep it from moving.

Stem Mount Caster

This is a good option for furniture with legs and is most commonly used in kitchens and restaurants. This comes with a locking mechanism that presses against the wheel to keep an item from moving.

Locking Dolly Caster

Dolly casters are very popular and have a lot of options for customization. Unlike other locking mechanisms, a dolly lock will apply to the wheel well to prevent the wheel from turning. While it may not touch the wheel itself, this type of lock will still prevent movement.

Locking Furniture Caster

These are the smallest casters and are often popular for home or office furniture. These locks apply a brake pad to the wheel to keep it stationary.

Standard Floor Lock

This is a common floor lock that can offer extra height to your workspace when it is engaged. It is intended for level floors and wheels under 8 inches.

Double-Pedal Floor Lock

This is similar to the standard floor lock, with the main difference being the locking mechanism. Instead of having one pedal to release the floor lock, this style has two for added security. Additionally, this style generally does not have replaceable parts like a standard floor lock.

Heavy-Duty Floor Lock

Don’t worry if you have heavy equipment you want to stabilize. Heavy-duty floor locks are available. They can support up to 1,000 pounds and are still foot pedal activated. They can also accommodate the same wheel sizes as other floor locks.

There are a lot of locking options for casters. Additionally, floor locks are an option. Depending on your industry, environment, and equipment, what type of lock is best for you will vary.

Why You Need a Light Meter to Care For Your Houseplants

As you brush your fingertips along the healthy green leaves of your plant baby, you can’t help but feel a bit proud. Plants require care and you provided it, which is quite the accomplishment considering water isn’t the only thing a plant needs to stay healthy. Figuring out the best ways to support thriving houseplants takes time and energy and the more plants you have the more time you need to put in. One of the most important tools needed to care for plants well isn’t mentioned often, but it can help you determine the proper amount of light your plants need.

What is a Light Meter?

Light meters Galveston TX are handheld, scientifically accurate instruments that measure foot-candles. Foot-candles are the measurement used for the intensity of light.

Why Use a Light Meter For Plants

A light meter can help you accurately measure the amount of sunlight coming in your windows. When you purchase a new plant and see the vague light requirements, such as bright indirect light, confusion can set in. Human eyes automatically account for differing levels of brightness, which makes them unhelpful when determining light levels for plants. With a light meter in hand, you can scope out the best possible positions for each plant you own. The typical foot-candles required for low light plants are 50-100 and full sun plants are 300 or more. Take measurements at the plant leaf levels and make sure you’re pointing the meter towards the light source.

Is Your Plant in the Right Space?

Observe your plants over time to discover if the plant is happy with the light levels. Brown, scorched leaves can tell you the plant is getting too much direct sun. Sparse growth and stretching can tell you the plant is not getting enough light.

Starting your houseplant collection with plants that require the same type of light can help you learn about light and have success at the start of your plant journey.

Pros and Cons of Carpet Versus Hardwood

Choosing new flooring for your home can be bewildering. There are multiple different options available for materials alone, and that’s not including the extras, such as base shoe flooring Long Beach CA. It may be helpful to consider a few options at a time. Two of the most popular, and arguably the most iconic, flooring options are carpet and hardwood. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Carpet is present in almost every home. It offers many practical advantages, including warmth and slip resistance. It is easy to install and comfortable to walk on. You can find a carpet to suit almost every area of the home because of the different textures and styles available. Carpet also comes in almost every color imaginable, making it extremely versatile.

Despite the popularity of carpet, some homeowners do not care for it. It can retain dust and debris from the air, which can make it bad for people with allergies. For the same reason, it is also one of the highest-maintenance flooring options, requiring frequent vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning.


Installing hardwood is possible but very expensive. Hardwood has been a popular flooring option for decades, so many older houses may already have hardwood floors. Few homeowners who have hardwood ever replace it, though some may cover it up with carpeting. Part of the appeal of hardwood is its polished appearance, however, so many homeowners decide to showcase it.

Some hardwood floors need to be refinished every three to five years, which can be expensive. Though fairly easy to clean, hardwood is susceptible to water damage, as well as dents and scratches.

While there’s no substitute for carpet, there are a number of flooring options that closely mimic the appearance of hardwood so you can get the look with fewer of the disadvantages. Examples include engineered wood and laminate.

4 Key Design Tips for Creating a Relaxing Spa-Like Bathroom

Everyone needs a sumptuous space to unwind at the end of a long day. Luckily, it’s never been easier to get the look and feel of a luxurious spa right in the convenience of your home. Here are four design tips to guide you as your transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary for private relaxation.

1. Install a New Tub

Nothing turns an ordinary bathroom into a restful spa quite like a quality soaking tub. Fox Valley plumbing experts install the perfect tub for your space. For the most modern look, choose a freestanding soaking tub. You can personalize your new tub with custom height water jets, providing you with soothing relief exactly where you need it.

2. Include Plant Life

Did you know that indoor plants actually help to reduce anxiety and give you an overall boost in your mood? Incorporating plants in the design of your updated bathroom not only enlivens the space with interesting color and texture, but it also helps to purify the air that you breathe. Since bathrooms are typically the warmest and most humid rooms in a house, select plants that thrive in these conditions. Aloe vera and jasmine in particular grow well in the moist environment of a bathroom and they also give off a calming scent that you’ll notice as soon as you enter the room.

3. Incorporate Natural Materials

Another great way to introduce the warmth of nature into your bathroom is to use natural materials in your renovation. Pair a teak, cedar or walnut vanity cabinet with a custom marble or granite countertop to serve as the focal point of the room. You can also include natural elements in the smaller details of the space – a cedar bathmat or a teak bathtub tray are useful accessories that add instant warmth and luxury.

4. Use a Calming Color Scheme

You might be surprised at just how much the color scheme of a room can impact your overall mood. When creating a spa-like bathroom, use a light, but muted, color scheme. Instead of a painting the walls a stark white, choose a soft shade of cream or even a light beige or gray. These colors are easy on the eyes and help to produce that relaxing atmosphere you’re going for.

It only takes a few carefully selected updates to turn your bathroom into a space that soothes the senses. Follow the list of steps above and see how these design features work together to create a private oasis for calming the mind and rejuvenating the body.

How To Keep Your City Clean

As a homeowner, you are concerned about the curb appeal of your house. However, this concept should extend to the community outside your yard. Helping to keep your city clean will attract visitors to your area as well as make the town you live in beautiful to those who reside there. Here are a few ways that you can keep your municipality tidy.

Throw Your Trash In the Proper Receptacle

The simplest task you can do to keep the streets and grassy areas of your city clean is to toss your garbage out in the place where it goes. When you are finished with something and need to throw it away, look for a nearby trash can to put it in. If you are in a place that is absent of a receptacle, set it aside and take it home with you to get rid of it. Tossing empty cups and wrappers from your car pollutes the area and is also against the law. While a street sweeper Washington can catch a great deal of what is left on the road, the small objects that it misses can be an eyesore for those who drive by.

Sort Trash From Recycling

Another option you have for beautifying your town is to sort your trash into recyclables and what will go to the dump. You can also compost biodegradable items and use them as fertilizer for your garden. Doing these processes lessens the amount of garbage that fills your landfill. Recyclable products can be broken down then remade into products that can make your community a pleasant place to live in such as park benches. You can also prevent things from going to the dump by repairing them instead of throwing them out. This allows you to enjoy your possession longer while helping your community and environment. 


Summer Vacation Planning: 3 Ways To Get Out of Your Home and Back into the World

Short-term travel plans may have a big question mark hanging over them; however, it is a great time to start planning your dream summer vacation. There are plenty of hotels and flight chains that are offering flexibility with reservations, guaranteeing your trip will happen; it’s just a question of when. Whether you are looking to stay local or travel abroad, there are plenty of ways to start making up for staying at home this past year.


If you are nervous about booking a distant travel destination, consider planning a staycation to stay local but still get out. Look into which hotel brands are handling the pandemic well to help you relax for the duration of your vacation. Next, take the time to plan out your schedule. This planning should include looking at which restaurants you want to make a reservation for and how early you need to book. Then make plans for activities to fill the day, such as museum visits, zoos, sporting activities or even picnics in a park. Staying local has never been more fun.

Domestic Travels

For those who are feeling a bit more adventurous but not ready to be abroad, consider booking a vacation in the US. The country is full of amazing locations waiting to be explored. From North Carolina beachfront rentals to sandstone arches in Utah to the cold starry nightscape of Alaska, the country offers a variety of locations to create adventures for everyone. If you are looking to go outdoors, consider buying a National Parks Pass to let you enjoy the beauty of the nation at your leisure. Alternatively, you can enjoy any of the many metropolitan centers across the country. Make the most of your time by getting in some extra research during the winter.

International Adventures

Whether you have been missing travel or ready to go abroad for the first time, now is the perfect time to book tickets for your dream destination vacation. Airlines are offering once-in-a-lifetime prices to help you get out into the world this coming summer. Start planning for that trip by looking at visa requirements and sites to help you book your hotel in the perfect spot. As your travel date gets closer, you can research if any unique festivals or events are happening. This is the perfect way to add some excitement to your first-international vacation of the year.

Wherever you go, travel safely and, most importantly, have fun!

Tips For Choosing The Right Office Space

If you are in the market for some new office space, then you definitely have a lot of things to consider when looking around. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful when looking for new commercial properties to lease from.

Size Matters

If you are looking for commercial properties for lease west chester PA, or any other area for that matter, it’s important to make sure that you pick a space that is large enough for your staff and operations. One of the best ways to do this is by walking through the property to try and imagine where your staff will work. Are there enough private offices? Do you require warehouse space? These are all things to make consider when looking for commercial properties. Thankfully, most commercial properties have listings which show the square footage, as well as all the amenities included. This can help you to save a lot of time when scouring the real estate listings to narrow down properties that may work for you.


Another important thing to keep in mind is the utilities that will or won’t be included in the commercial property. This is extremely important to note as some properties seem like a really good deal, but the utility costs can almost cost just as much as the rent. Having energy efficient heating and cooling is something to look for as this will lower the overall cost of your utilities. If utilities are not included, then make sure to call the utility company to get an average of what the bills have been for the previous tenants who stayed at the property to get a good idea of what you would be paying before you sign a contract. 

As you can see, there are some things you can do to help you find the right commercial property for you and your business. 

The Impact of Popular Home Renovation Projects

If you’re thinking about renovating your home, you probably already have an idea of what you want to do first. Most homeowners focus on improvements that enable easier family living, decorative touches that make the house look better to the neighbors and items that add value for resale. With this in mind, let’s talk about three popular home renovation projects and what they can do for you.


Kitchen upgrades are perhaps the most popular remodeling projects undertaken. Technology is always improving, and styles are always changing. Whether you’re looking for new kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee WI or new granite countertops in Tallahassee FL, a kitchen renovation is a popular choice for a good reason.


Bathrooms are another common choice for a makeover for a whole host of reasons. It’s a room that you use every day, so improving it makes life measurably better for everyone in the household. It’s a room that many people scrub clean to avoid visitors judging them solely on the state of their bathroom. It can also add a lot of value to your house when you have beautiful, up-to-date bathrooms.


Possibly the most undervalued area for home improvement is the yard. Your landscaping, especially in the front yard, is where people form their first and last impressions of your home whether they drive by or stop for a visit.

These are just a few of the projects waiting to be completed around your house. Don’t forget some of the underused but no less important spaces that commonly need updating, such as home offices, living and entertainment rooms, master bedrooms and entryways. Modernizing any of these areas brings benefits to your family, enhances the home’s appearance and adds to the overall value. The question isn’t whether to undertake home improvement projects, it’s which venture to start next.

3 Industries That Depend on Quality Machining

Machining offers important benefits to businesses, especially those in the industrial sector. It helps owners keep older machines running and easily replace discontinued parts. This practice also fuels developments and higher quality end products. Here are three industries that depend on innovative machining.


Undoubtedly, machining has played a vital role in the development of ever-increasingly complex electronic devices and systems. Specialized micromachining allows manufacturers to produce tiny but strong components, which in turn allows devices to become smaller and lighter while delivering numerous advanced functions. Most manufacturers at every step of the process have files so they know where to quickly turn for machining services Santa Clara CA.

Medical Instruments

Precise machining is vital for the development of quality medical instruments and components.

  • Orthotic devices
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Implants
  • Specialized microscopes and cameras

Modern machining techniques mean manufacturers produce accurate results, which are vital to the health care field.


The aerospace industry depends on the manufacture and development of complex components and elements that lead to better performance and increased safety. Results have to be both exact as well as repeatable on a large scale, and modern techniques for machining meet the needs of this technology-dependent area. Every single item, from bearing housings to engines, that go into producing airplanes and space craft are important for the overall functioning of the vessel. Intricate machining techniques produce high-quality parts that fit into the overall vision held by aerospace engineers and designers.

Every Detail Counts

Modern machining has played a huge role in increasingly complex designs in many industries. As machining possibilities grow more complex, the possibilities expand for safer transport and exploration, more health care options, and better, easier communication. The smallest components play a role in the performance of many modern machines and instruments. Machining ensures every component, no matter how small, is made with the future in mind.