The Different Angled Dock Steps

A few manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to offer angled dock steps. Aqua-Stairs, for example, provides a heavy-duty angled dock stair that features no handrails. Made of marine-grade aluminum, Aqua-Stairs flips 180 degrees out of the water and rests on top of the dock. With an 8-inch-deep step and 500-lb. capacity, this angled dock step offers industry-leading safety.


If you’re planning on adding dock steps to your boat, consider installing Aqua-Stairs angled dock stairs. These dock ladders are marine grade, 6063 T aluminum. They feature 8-inch steps and swing-style brackets. They can be installed on any surface that has a 90-degree angle. The steps are made of textured plate aluminum and have no sharp edges. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

When selecting a dock step, it is crucial to consider the height of the step. For example, the top step of the dock should be 36″ above the water. To determine how high you need the steps to be, divide the height of the water by the height of the dock. In this example, 36″ x 12″ = 3 steps. A three-step ladder would be the proper height for 36″ of dock height and twelve inches of water depth.


FloatStep angled dock steps are an excellent choice for many different dock applications. The patented design of Floatstep prevents water from accumulating on dock steps, which minimizes marine growth, electrolysis, and corrosion. They are available in three to ten steps, depending on design requirements. Additionally, they feature an automatic water level-adjusting system so that they will adjust to the changes in water level.

The ladder design is ergonomic and easy to use, and the ladder has a weight capacity of 665 pounds. The ladder is also designed to float in water, making it great for dock and seawall applications. It also features extra-wide steps to improve dock safety. And, because the steps are angled, they have no holes, which makes them incredibly strong. Consider purchasing a ladder made of marine-grade anodized aluminum if you need a lightweight alternative.

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If you have a swimming pool or a dock on your property, you may want to purchase angled dock steps to make it easier for your guests to get on and off the water. Angled dock stairs are easier to climb and are much safer than vertical ladders. Several manufacturers produce high-quality angled dock steps. Wet Steps, for example, make angled dock ladders made from marine-grade aluminum with a 180-degree rotation. They have a 500-pound capacity and a comfortable 55-degree climb angle.


If you want to increase the safety of your dock, you should purchase Techstar angled dock steps. These dock steps are wide and finely tuned with a beautiful sandstone finish. These dock steps have hinges that allow them to be opened and closed and filled with water when submerged. They also drain when not in use. When you are launching and retrieving your boat from the dock, you can use the steps to help you get off.

Another type of angled dock step is the Aqua-Stairs. This heavy-duty dock stair has no handrails and is made of marine-grade aluminum. Unlike a standard dock stair, it flips up 180 degrees and rests on the top of the dock. In addition, the steps have a capacity of 500 pounds and an industry-leading step plate for extra safety. If you are worried about falling off the dock, consider the Techstar Aqua-Stairs.

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