Is Jogging in Place an Option?

Not so long ago, I wrote an article about jogging in place which can be a great alternative to jogging anywhere in your neighborhood. This can be especially helpful if your neighborhood is not safe and if you are not willing to try your chances.
It seems that jogging in place is not such a good option if you have knees that are prone to injuries. This is what happened to me. After a few days of jogging in place, all I can feel is pain in my knees, especially when I walk down the stairs in my home. It is getting better with each passing day especially now when I no longer jog in place, but I am already considering switching to some other form of exercise that would not put so much stress on my poor knees. I know that not everybody will feel knee pain after jogging, but if you happen to feel it, you might want to stop doing whatever you are doing immediately.

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