Breaking Down Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips

Business owners have plenty to keep them occupied. Neglecting to take proper care of their business site could cost them comfort, money and customers. Just like residential HVAC systems, commercial heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to perform at their best and last as long as possible. Following are tips business people can use to get as much use from their HVAC system.

Change Air Filters

At least once a month, it’s good to check all air filters in a building to ensure they are clean and functional. Dirty and clogged filters require either cleaning or replacing so air flows freely through vents. Dust and particulates clinging to filters may force units to work harder than necessary to blow out adequate air, which can unnecessarily increase utility bills.

Schedule Routine Upkeep

Business owners should find a reputable company specializing in commercial HVAC Chicago. Heating and cooling system technicians can inspect a unit for minor issues that can become major problems if left unattended. Preventative maintenance saves money on utility bills and brings out top-quality HVAC performance, which also saves money. It is good to schedule maintenance before the summer and winter, the two seasons when people rely on their systems the most to remain comfortable.

Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

After checking air filters, it’s best to next inspect the outdoor unit. Dirt, bushes, debris, hedges and tree limbs can all block proper ventilation for the exterior HVAC unit. Keeping the area clean and clear maximizes efficiency. While cutting the grass around the exterior unit, it’s vital to make sure loose clippings do not clog vents or find their way inside the unit. Any dust or dirt inside the outdoor or indoor units requires immediate cleaning.

A little time and attention spent on commercial HVAC maintenance go a long way. Regular check-ups give entrepreneurs one less issue to worry about.

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