3 Key Resources for Your Fixer-Upper Home Project

When it comes to your fixer-upper home project, there are many resources that can move it along and create the outcome of your dreams. Here are three key resources that you may wish to consider.

1. Demolition Resources

If you’ve bought or inherited a fixer-upper home, you may need to start out with demolition services. Whether you need to demolish part of the building or you require wrecking, concrete-cutting and clean-up services, search for an expert in your area. For example, enter “local demolition company Ball Ground GA” into the search bar. Many experts even offer specialized services such as swimming pool and driveway removal.

2. Contractor Resources

If you’re a DIY fan, you may decide to tackle your fixer-upper project by yourself or with the help of friends and family. If your project is on a large scale or if you feel that you need expert guidance and an experienced crew, hiring a local contractor can help you get the job done in an efficient and professional manner. Contractor services are especially helpful when your project requires custom trim, drywall, electrical, painting and plumbing knowledge. Some home renovation experts recommend hiring a contractor if your project will take more than a week or if it requires various areas of expertise.

3. Landscaping Resources

Landscaping adds value and curb appeal to your fixer-upper project. From native shrubberies and flowers to vegetable gardens, arbors and water features, landscaping allows you to create outdoor living spaces that expand your usable square footage. Whether you choose to consult with a landscaping expert and do the work yourself or contract landscaping services, the investment of time and money is worth it.

These three key resources and many more can support you and your fixer-upper project. Whether or not you need them typically depends upon the scope of your project, your knowledge and abilities, and your budget.

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