4 Water Saving Tips for Businesses

Cutting back on water usage is important in today’s environmentally conscious society. Your business can cut back on water usage by adhering to one or more of the tips below.

Install Motion Activated Sinks and Toilets

Your office will save money on the water bill through the installation of motion activated faucets and toilets. These devices cut back on water waste and prevent excessive usage, saving the total amount used daily.

Fix Water Pressure Issues

If your office is located in a tall building, you may have already experienced water pressure issues on the top floors. You can easily solve this problem by installing a water pressure booster NYC. This machine gives the water located in pipes underground an energetic (and metaphorical) shove toward the top floors, keeping the water pressure equal on all of the floors. Your employees will waste less water with good pressure.

Use a Water Delivery Service

Instead of having your employees use a water fountain, you should sign up for a drinking water delivery service. A delivery of large water jugs will be delivered at your office however many times a week you need them, so your employees can still bring their reusable bottles to save on plastic use. The water service will pick up and reuse the empty jugs to help with that endeavor too.

Hire a Plumber for an Inspection

To make sure your plumbing is working efficiently, you should hire a licensed plumber to complete a full inspection annually. He or she will check for hidden leaks, make any necessary repairs, and give recommendations to make your plumbing work better. Well running plumbing equals a lower water bill.

All of these ideas will help your office save money on the water bill by cutting back on the amount of water used daily.

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