3 Tips For Creating a Useable Attic Room

Not everyone has an easily accessible attic, but those who do may decide to change the space from a dusty, neglected area of the house to an attractive, useable room. Before hauling up furniture and accessories, it is a good idea to make sure the structure is sound and that the room will be comfortable to be in all year long.

1. Consider Heating and Cooling

Attics are often hot in the summer and cold in the winter and tend to be rather dry. Evaluate the existing insulation and determine if adding spray foam insulation Maryland will even out the temperature. Examine the ductwork and see if it is feasible to extend the system into the attic. If that is not possible, portable heating and cooling options may need to be considered.

2. Seal Leaks

Leaky, drafty attics should be checked thoroughly to ensure all cracks are sealed. Some airflow is necessary, but holes in the wall, roof or vents can allow unwanted air to enter or escape and may even invite rodents or insects into the home. If water leaks are detected, they should be dealt with immediately, as water can seep into small areas and create big problems throughout a house.

3. Add Natural Light

Many attics have small windows that do not let in much light. Unless the darkness is appreciated for something like a home theater, add windows if possible. If that is not an option, then painting the room white or in other light colors can make the area seem larger and brighter, especially if mirrors are added to reflect available light into the rest of the room.

Remodeling a room takes time, money and hard work, but the end results can be worth the effort. An extra room may add value to the home and be enjoyed by the members of the household for years or decades to come.

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