3 Ways to Stay Busy During Covid-19

As Covid-19 keeps people isolated in their houses for months, you may be wondering how you can stay occupied. After self quarantining for a month, you may be starting to go a little stir crazy. For that reason, it is important to stay active and keep your mind busy.

Find a Craft

Most people have something creative that they enjoy doing but rarely have an opportunity to do it. These could be things such as painting, crocheting, knitting, sewing, or even pottery. If you have the skills and equipment to do something creative, now is the perfect time to do it. If you are really talented in your craft, you may even consider sharing your art with others. For example, if you are really good at painting, you can sell your handmade paintings online, giving you another source of revenue during these uncertain times.

Dive Into a Book

In a survey in 2019, 81% of Americans admitted that they wished they could read more often. If you think of yourself as part of that 81%, now is a perfect time to stop wishing and start doing. Most people have books in their homes that they have always wanted to read, but have not had the opportunity. Reading a book will allow you to escape into a new world without ever having to leave your house.

Do Something Outside

Finally, just getting outside can help people feel better. If you find being inside to be suffocating and you feel like you are about to explode, try going for a walk or sitting outside for a few hours. If you are able to work from home, you may consider working outside for a few hours a day, if possible. The fresh air will help you feel refreshed and more relaxed.

Since people do not know when the self-isolating will end, it is important to find ways to keep your mind active. In this way, you can prevent yourself from going stir crazy and even reacquaint yourself with things you have not been able to do in years.

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