Why You Need a Light Meter to Care For Your Houseplants

As you brush your fingertips along the healthy green leaves of your plant baby, you can’t help but feel a bit proud. Plants require care and you provided it, which is quite the accomplishment considering water isn’t the only thing a plant needs to stay healthy. Figuring out the best ways to support thriving houseplants takes time and energy and the more plants you have the more time you need to put in. One of the most important tools needed to care for plants well isn’t mentioned often, but it can help you determine the proper amount of light your plants need.

What is a Light Meter?

Light meters Galveston TX are handheld, scientifically accurate instruments that measure foot-candles. Foot-candles are the measurement used for the intensity of light.

Why Use a Light Meter For Plants

A light meter can help you accurately measure the amount of sunlight coming in your windows. When you purchase a new plant and see the vague light requirements, such as bright indirect light, confusion can set in. Human eyes automatically account for differing levels of brightness, which makes them unhelpful when determining light levels for plants. With a light meter in hand, you can scope out the best possible positions for each plant you own. The typical foot-candles required for low light plants are 50-100 and full sun plants are 300 or more. Take measurements at the plant leaf levels and make sure you’re pointing the meter towards the light source.

Is Your Plant in the Right Space?

Observe your plants over time to discover if the plant is happy with the light levels. Brown, scorched leaves can tell you the plant is getting too much direct sun. Sparse growth and stretching can tell you the plant is not getting enough light.

Starting your houseplant collection with plants that require the same type of light can help you learn about light and have success at the start of your plant journey.

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