Which Driveway Material Should You Choose?

Driveways have to hold up to a lot of abuse. Besides the normal wear and tear from vehicles and people, driveways must also withstand drastic weather conditions. There are many different materials that can be used, with varied colors and textures. The material you choose should not only fit into your budget but also match the style of your home.


Poured concrete is a popular choice for driveways because it is durable and comes in a variety of styles. Concrete can be tinted, stamped and shaped to look however you like. If you want to use any of these techniques it is important to contact a concrete contractor Kentucky. Working with concrete is an art that takes experience, especially when implementing these techniques.

The cost of a concrete driveway falls in the middle of the spectrum. It withstands hot temperatures well but can crack under multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Concrete driveways last a long time, but once they start to flake and crack repairs will be costly.


Asphalt has a lot of redeeming factors, but only one style. If you don’t like the look of black asphalt, then there isn’t much you can change. Asphalt is one of the cheaper materials to use for your driveway, although there are regular maintenance costs. The driveway should be resealed every three to five years to reduce cracking and deterioration. Asphalt can withstand freeze-thaw cycles well, but it will get very hot and soft in extreme heat.


If you love the look of pavers, just know it comes with a price tag. Pavers come in different shapes and styles, which can be combined to form beautiful patterns. If installed correctly, pavers can last 30 to 40 years with little maintenance. The cost will be mostly paid upfront. Pavers are also very easy to repair. If a section becomes stained or cracked, only those pavers have to be replaced.

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