Things Getting a New Roof Entails

Perhaps your roof is old and has finally had it and needs replacement. It might be that a major storm recently hit your area and took some of your roof with it. Either way, when you need a new roof you want to be confident that you are knowledgeable about what is going to happen when the contractors are working on your roof.

Things Roofers Do

While many jobs may be classified as requiring a high level of physical fitness, it is certain that roofing is a physically taxing occupation. You want to be sure that while climbing, lifting or kneeling high above the ground, the contractors working for you are properly insured in case of an accident.

The old shingles are removed and often the workers will also remove and replace any plywood under the shingles that is not in top condition. They usually install new tarpaper or some other type of protective layer between the plywood and the new shingles. They cut the new shingles at the correct angles for corners and edges. They also clean up the mess after they are finished.

Equipment Roofing Contractors Use

Depending on the company you use, roofers may use chain hoists Chattanooga in addition to ladders. A chain hoist to haul the supplies to the top of the roof can make the job not only safer but also more cost-effective. It can save quite a bit of time if the roofers don’t have to wait for the material to be delivered or carried up a ladder.

Contractors use a variety of powered equipment such as nail guns and drills. They also use items such as framing squares, pry bars, caulking guns, tin snips and wheelbarrows. Of course, they also use more general tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and chisels.

Knowing more about roofing can help you prepare for the job when it’s your turn to have a new roof installed.

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