The Ultimate Guide to Living With Your Grandparents

Are your grandparents moving in with your family? No matter how young or old you are, living with your grandparents can be a blast. Although there’s quite an age gap, grandparents can be a source of fun, friendship and incredibly good advice. Here is everything you need to know about living with your elders.

See It From Their Perspective

Your grandparents have gone through a lot. When it comes to those later years, they might need extra help to function normally. If your grandparents are coming to stay because they need assistance, custom handrails may be a good addition to your home. Discuss with your family what changes need to be made to help your newest guests stay comfortable.

Recognize Their Limitations

Unless they are really feeling up for it or just want to watch, a soccer tournament is probably not your grandparents’ first choice of fun. Recognize any dietary, physical or mental restriction they may have, and try to be respectful of their wishes. However, don’t hesitate to learn the kinds of hobbies they enjoy doing. Perhaps you can learn a new skill or two by hanging out with them.

Learn Their Stories

Whether you spend time talking by the fire or enjoy fun things together, your grandparents have incredible stories. They’ve learned hard life lessons, have seen remarkable things and have the best dating advice. While you are with them, take every chance to learn their stories. Include other family members for a memorable family history experience.

Build relationships and make memories as you enjoy this valuable time with your grandparents. Of course, it can be challenging to open your home to new members and take time away from other activities to care for them. However, you may look back one day and be grateful for every opportunity you had to learn about the incredible family that you are a part of.

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