The Moroccan Berber Rug Is A Trend That’s Here To Stay

Jazz up your living quarters with a genuine, handmade Moroccan Berber rug. you can be sure of a comfortable environment where you can really relax. Woven by the people of the Berber tribes that are indigenous to Morocco, these rugs come in many different designs and sizes. They can complement your personal sense of style.

What Is the History of These Rugs?

The Moroccan Berber rug or the Beni Ourain rug are designed to bring a space together. They have been handwoven by members of the Berber tribes since around the second century BC. They are primarily a white or soft vanilla color, combined with naturally dyed fibers of various jewel tones. These rugs can be found in sizes ranging from small to extra-large to enhance any area you have.

How Are They Designed?

While it is possible to find antique examples of these rugs, contemporary ones are based on traditional designs. They have a history of being handwoven by craftsmen who use the same designs that have been in their families for generations. It is common for craftsmen to put a little personal spin on a design by using colors. Beni Ourain rugs and Berber rugs are traditionally rectangular but can also be found in round shapes.

How Can I Use These Rugs?

Just about any space can be enhanced by one of these rugs. Not only do they add a timeless elegance to an room but these rugs can transform a space into a warm, comfortable oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Many homeowners choose to invest in a Berber rug or a Beni Ourain rug when they are staging a home to sell it. They can make an area look sleek and upscale. With a sealant, these rugs are hardy enough to be used in a playroom or other well-trafficked area of the house.

How Can These Rugs Benefit My Space?

Choosing one of these rugs to use in your space can have a deeply beneficial impact on both your individual style and your well-being. Find these rugs in a multitude of colors. They can bring a room together and can easily be matched to your existing decor. Because they are woven of such thick fibers, these rugs have an instantly warming effect on your room.

Handwoven by the Berber tribes of Morocco since before Biblical times, Beni Ourain rugs and Berber rugs can fit quite well into any space that you choose. They have a comfortable and upscale look that will make a room look sleek and invite your guests in. These rugs do not have to be replaced often so they are a prudent investment. Click here for more information.

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