The Different Types of Garage Doors

There are several types of garage doors. Some are fire-rated, roll-up, tilt-up, or fiberglass. Read more about the different types that would be best for your home. These doors can open manually or with motors and are excellent for high-population work environments.

Roll-up garage doors

If you’re thinking about installing a roll-up garage door, there are some things you should keep in mind. In addition to cost, you should also think about safety. If you live in a high-risk area, you should buy a wind-certified door from Coastal Garage Doors. This door will keep the garage dry and allow you to store your items up to the edge of the garage.

Roll-up garage doors can be made of various materials, including wood, aluminum, and steel. The materials used to create these doors are durable and can withstand many years of use.

Tilt-up garage doors

Tilt-up garage doors are hinged garage doors that swing upward and outward. They are made of steel or fiberglass and are easy to operate. They come in two basic types: tilt-up retractable doors and tilt-up canopy doors. Both types allow the garage door to open and retract upward, eliminating the need for clearance in front of the door.

Sectional garage doors and tilt-up garage doors have advantages and disadvantages. For example, sectional garage doors are more durable and safer than tilt-up models. They also offer better insulation and can improve curb appeal.

Fire-rated garage doors

Fire-rated garage doors must meet specific standards. These are defined by the International Residential Code and may vary depending on your local building codes. To ensure maximum protection, look for solid wood or steel doors at least 1 3/8 inches thick. You also must ensure that your garage door is rated to withstand a fire for at least 20 minutes.

Fire-rated garage doors are also designed to slow the spread of a fire and prevent the spread of heat and flames. Regardless of the size of your garage, a fire-rated door can save lives and property by limiting the amount of fire. It can also help firefighters contain the fire and keep people safe in the surrounding area.

Fiberglass garage doors

Fiberglass is a durable, high-quality material that is lightweight and versatile. It is considered the foundation of the composites industry. This material offers a range of advantages over wood and steel and is resistant to biological and chemical effects. Fiberglass garage doors are a great option for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance, high-quality option. They are also available in different designs and textures, allowing homeowners to choose a style and design that best suits their home.

Fiberglass is also extremely durable, complementing any home, and is generally inexpensive. Since they are lightweight, fiberglass doors are easy to install and require little maintenance. Because they have a high degree of resistance to denting and other damage, fiberglass doors are the perfect choice for coastal areas.

Steel garage doors

If you’re looking for a timeless look for your garage, you’ll want to consider steel garage doors. They’re easy to maintain and offer several benefits over traditional swing doors. In addition to being durable, steel garage doors can also be insulated. You can also find steel garage doors with composite overlays, which offer various attractive options.

A steel garage door with triple layers is an excellent choice for reducing noise. Triple-layer doors are energy-efficient and don’t compromise insulation. The door’s thick structure also prevents noise from passing vehicles and neighbors.

Carriage-style garage doors

Unlike roll-up garage doors, carriage-style ones usually don’t need to be repaired. They’re made of sturdy wood material or steel, making them durable enough to withstand the elements and protect your car. Here are a few benefits of carriage-style garage doors.

First, carriage-style garage doors are more attractive and add value to your home. They’re one of the most popular garage door styles, accounting for nearly 20 percent of all garage door sales. They’re also incredibly customizable, allowing you to choose your color scheme, window design, and more.

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