Space Heater Energy Efficiency

With the rapid rise in energy prices, we all want to maximize energy-saving methods to save on energy bills. This cold season doesn’t make it any easier because we have to keep our homes warm, and that’s why most energy experts recommend the use of a low wattage electric space heater alongside your central heating. These space heaters, if used well, could help you save a load of cash on your energy bills this winter.

Space Heaters and Energy Savings

The energy used by electric space heaters varies with location and the amount of electric wattage used to run the heater. The amount of energy your save also depends on the amount of energy used to run your device.

Most space heaters have adjustable settings and thermostats which allow you to use the device at lower wattage settings. Thus, the cost and the amount of energy used will depend on the heat settings you select and how often you keep your heater running.

According to the 2011 national average electricity rates, a space heater that uses an average of 1500 watts running about 16 hours per day will cost you $2.82 a day, averaging at about $85 a month. This is clear evidence that you can save more with these devices as most people run them for less than 16 hours a day. Thus, pairing your heater with lower thermostat settings will increase the amount of energy and energy cost you’ll save this winter.

How to maximize space heaters efficiency:

  • Follow Instructions – Always read the user manual and follow all the instructions when operating your space heater to ensure that you’re using it correctly.
  • Choose heaters with programmable features – Heaters with programmable thermostats help keep the home temperature consistent, which in turn helps reduce the amount of energy used.
  • Size Matters – Make sure the size of your heater is appropriate for the room you want to heat. A large-sized heater is more appropriate for a larger room like a living room, while a smaller-sized heater works best when heating smaller rooms like studies and offices.
  • Unplug when not in use – When you’re not home or your heater is not in use, make sure to unplug it to save electricity and other energy costs.
  • Use it as a supplemental heating source – Space heaters are meant to be used as a unit with your home’s central heating system, not the primary heat source. This way you can save money, energy, and keep your home’s central heating system in good condition.

To recap, the energy a space heater uses depends on the location, wattage of the device and the average energy costs of the state. Keep all these in mind as you stay warm and save energy and money this cold season.






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