Paint Your Deck or Stain It?

Having a deck is a wonderful thing. An outdoor space where you can sit and enjoy the sun and fresh air is good for your health. If you live in a place with year-long warm weather such as Florida, you can use your deck every day that it doesn’t rain. But it will rain at least occasionally and you want to protect your beautiful deck. There are two main options, paint and stain.


You can do it yourself or hire professional deck painting Bradenton FL. Part of choosing paint over stain comes down to personal preference. Paint will completely cover the wood grain and hide any imperfections. It’s a good choice if your deck has had boards replaced and the new ones are a different shade than the old ones. When choosing deck paint, make sure it is meant for decks and not just exterior paint. Water pools on horizontal surfaces and the paint must be able to stand up to that.


Should you choose stain, you can also hire a pro. Stain is a good choice if you want to be able to see the wood’s natural grain. You can even get a colorless stain if you want to enjoy the wood’s original color. Stain also seeps into the wood and offers greater protection from the elements. Stains come in a variety of colors and transparencies to suit many tastes. Stain is a better choice if your deck is close to the ground. The reduced air circulation can cause it to mildew much more quickly. You will want the extra protection to extend the life of your deck and keep it looking good.

When you have a deck, you want it to look its best and last. Either paint or stain can be a good choice. Make your choice based and your needs and preferences.

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