Have you ever owned a drone

It seems that the technology has finally arrived to offer us some really cool things we can use on a daily basis such as drones. If somebody told me about a decade ago that I would own a drone in 2016 I probably wouldn’t believe them. But here I am: it is March 2016 and I am a proud owner of a drone with which I am already having tons of fun and my family is joining me today to share the fun as well since it is Saturday and everybody is at home.

So, how can one enjoy a drone? For starters, you don’t have to be an expert with drones in order to enjoy one right now, especially if you have a DBPOWER drone that is arguably better than most other drones available on the market these days. I would say that the drone is really high quality taking into account its price, which is roughly 70 quid. Not bad as for something so cool such as a drone that can fly when you control it with your smartphone thanks to a useful app that makes such a huge difference.

One of the coolest features of the drone is the fact that you can enjoy the first person view thanks to the live feed that is embedded in it. It is as if you were flying a small plane and were able to observe everything from bird’s eye. This is what I did today in the morning. There is a small meadow nearby where a couple of cows like to graze. I took my drone with me and took off as soon as I entered the area. The view was amazing. I was able to fly near the cows and see them from up close. Having practiced the steering earlier during the week, I was lucky that I did not hit any of the cows because I don’t think their owner would be so happy about it. Fortunately, nobody was around at the time and I was able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that the morning had to offer to me.

I look forward to enjoying another morning like this tomorrow before church. The drone is compact, so for now I am storing it under the sofa in my living room from where it is easy to take it with me so that I can use it whenever I feel like it. The control pad is compact as well, which means that I have an easy time storing it under my sofa as well. I still cannot believe that everything is so easy to hide and that I don’t have to almost put any effort to make things work.

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