Contest Ideas

Drawing visitors to your website is an integral part of being a webmaster. There are many ways to attract visitors to come to your website. One of them is to organize contests. Many bloggers became popular after organizing a few attractive contests. Your blog can also gain on popularity so why not take advantage out of this opportunity? There are various contests that you can organize, and I would like to give you some ideas that should help you get started:

-Ask your visitors to leave a comment on one of your posts, and announce that you will interview a random commentator on your blog. You need to make sure that there will be some visitors who would like to be interviewed by you. If you organize this contest, then your blog is probably going to receive many new visitors. Another advantage of organizing such contest is that you might receive many comments.

-Ask your visitors to write any post in a “list group” format, such as “10 Ways to Advertise” or “20 Reasons I Love Blogging”. You should allow your readers to vote, and announce that the most voted entry will receive some reward. It is up to you what kind of reward you would be willing to offer. It might be a monetary reward, book, etc. To make it fair you should only allow other participants to vote on the entries. You might want to instruct the participants to vote based on originality and usefulness. Like in case of any contest, make sure you set a deadline for submissions.

Gaining new readers might be as important to a blog as having high quality content. That is why if you were recently wondering how to draw traffic to your site, then consider using one of the ideas listed above. There are many types of contests you can organize so do not be afraid to be creative. Ultimately, it is up to you to attract as many visitors as possible to participate in your contest.

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