Content is Indeed King

If you are a blogger or webmaster of any other website that is not a blog, you probably have heard the expression that content is king. As a blogger myself, I experience all the time how true the statement is. This is why I am writing this post right now. By writing it, I want to prove to my readers as well as to Google that my blog is indeed worth visiting on a regular basis and the content I post here is quality.
Google values quality content. When you launch a new website, you cannot simply copy the work of somebody else. This is simply not how it works. You will get penalty from Google if you do that once or if you keep doing it for some time. Sooner or later, Google will catch you and your blog will have a penalty. Google�s penalty can be one of the most severe penalties I can think of. When your blog is not indexed in Google, it is as if it does not really exist. If people cannot find your blog through Google�s search engine, it is as if you never even existed. This is how harsh it is to be penalized by Google.

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