Common Environmental Concerns for Residential Property

If you are purchasing a residence, you are usually focused on the dwelling and the features provided in the house. You should be aware that unseen issues may be associated with the property. Here are some common environmental problems discovered on residential property.

Hazardous Material Storage

Depending on the age and location of the property, there may be some hazardous materials stored on the land. Oil is considered a dangerous material in most places. Oil tanks are standard on residential properties that rely on a heating system using oil. Strict regulations govern the storage of oil in underground tanks as various environmental problems have arisen due to the use of these tanks. You will need to register as the new owner of the tank with the state governing body. You should have oil tank testing Westchester County NY, to determine if the tank is leaking or is intact. You may need to complete an environmental remediation if the oil storage has caused any damage.

Mold Contamination

Mold is a naturally occurring substance that grows practically everywhere. Mold can be found inside a residence in the walls or the crawl space. The most benign mold can cause allergies for members of your household. Black mold can cause more serious illness to persons who are in regular contact with surfaces containing the mold. Your home inspector should be able to spot any visible mold and can use a meter to detect mold spores under the surface that might be hidden. Mold can be remediated with cleaning and possible replacement of surfaces where it has adhered. Additional measures to prevent future mold build-up, such as improved ventilation, might also be needed. You should make sure any mold issues are resolved prior to taking possession of the residence.

Radon Pollution

Radon is a gas that can cause lung cancer in exposed persons. This gas forms naturally in the atmosphere. In certain parts of the country, the gas is known to collect in enclosed areas, such as basements and crawl spaces. You should have a radon inspection before buying a residence, particularly if the home is in a high radon area. Radon pollution can be mitigated with the removal of the polluted air.

You should be concerned about possible environmental issues if you are purchasing a residential property. Most problems can be fixed but should be remediated as part of the seller’s cost of transferring the property.

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