Cleaning Area Rugs: Should You Do It Yourself?

Area rugs bring color and comfort to your home, but over time they collect dirt and dust. While it is possible to clean your rug at home, you’ll get the best results from a professional cleaning service.

DIY Cleaning Can Damage Your Rug

Cleaning a rug is a complex process, and using the wrong tools, chemicals and techniques can cause damage.

One common issue is dye bleed, particularly in rugs made from natural fibers. Natural rugs are colored with acid-based dyes that bond with the fibers. Unfortunately, most of the carpet cleaning solutions you can buy in a store are alkaline, so they break down the dye bonds and cause the colors to run.

If you have cleaned your rug and now you need color run removal Portland rug cleaning companies may be able to restore your rug’s original beauty. However, dye bleed is not always reversible, so the best approach is to prevent it by having rugs professionally cleaned.

Professional Cleaners Do a More Thorough Job

Area rugs harbor all kinds of dirt and allergens, from normal household dust to pet messes, and most of this dirt is not visible on the surface. Many people rent a carpet cleaner, believing that it will get the job done, but even these machines can’t extract all of the dirt.

Most rugs require a multi-step cleaning process that takes several days. The cleaner first removes the dry surface dust. Then the cleaner washes the rug, sometimes multiple times, using chemicals and techniques that are suited to the material. Finally, the rug is dried thoroughly; this is an important step that is difficult to do when cleaning a large rug at home.

While it is tempting to save money by cleaning your area rugs yourself, you may be unsatisfied with the results. Before attempting to clean your rugs, research your options carefully and make sure you have the proper tools for the job. If you are unsure, contact a rug cleaning service.

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