5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Off Your Bed

Dogs always want to be around you all the time, and sometimes they go as far as sleeping on your bed to feel close to you! Sleeping with your dog is not bad, but if you want to keep your sheets crisp clean all the time, you have to keep him off the bed.

Use the five tips below to help you set some boundaries with your furry friend by keeping him off your bed.

1.     Be Consistent

Dogs are very loyal creatures, and they love pleasing their owners. This is why training them is easy and fast. So, if you want to keep your dog off your bed, teach him early and be consistent. Letting your dog occasionally sleep with you will only be confusing. He won’t understand why you let him climb in with you sometimes then you kick him off some other time

If he jumps to bed with you, put him back down. Keep doing this until your pet realizes that your bed is off-limits.

2.     Place-Train Your Dog

Place training your dog means teaching your dog to lie down in specific places around the house except for your bed. To do this, place a simple mat on the floor. If your dog shows interest and lies on the mat, reward him with a treat. Whenever your dog lies in the specified spot, encourage him positively then give him a treat.

You can also use a single word command to associate with the mat. This way, whenever you use the command, your dog lies on it. When your dog realizes that sleeping in the specified spots pleases you, he will lie down there willingly.

3.     Get A Good Dog Bed

Your dog may learn to lie down on command, but without his bed, your pet will still seek the comfort of your mattress. To keep this from happening, buy a good dog bed for your little furry friend. Make sure that it is comfortable and big enough for your pooch, then train him to sleep on it whenever he wants to lie down. If you want more information on how to choose the best dog bed, visit https://mysleepingdog.com/

4.     Use the “Off” Command

When your dog climbs onto your bed, try not to remove him physically. Instead, teach him to obey the “off” command.

To do this, take a treat and say “on” as you point it towards the bed. When your dog gets on the bed, withhold the treat. Take the treat and put it on the floor, then say “off.” When your dog gets off the bed, give him the treat. Do this enough times and your loyal friend will soon understand the “off” command.

5.     Don’t Sleep Far Away

Dogs get lonely too. This is the main reason why they want to sleep in your bed. To make them feel less alone, sleep close to them. You could train him to sleep at the foot of your bed. You could also place your dog’s bed in your room and have him sleep there. This will make him feel close to you at all times.

A well-trained dog equals a happy owner. Use these tips to stay happy and keep your pet in check.



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