4 Ways To Have Summer Fun With Your Family

Summer vacation is an exciting time for kids, but after the initial excitement wears off, boredom inevitably sets in. Many families find themselves at a loss for what to do during these long, hot days. But summer doesn’t have to be boring. The following tips can help you find ways to make the most of your time and to give your family new memories to share long after summer is over.

1. Explore Nearby Farms

One of the best outdoor activities you can share with your children is visiting your local farms. Some local farms will have seasonal berry picking, petting zoos for children, and corn mazes all year round. After picking fruit, you can make tasty treats later as a family, like berry pies or cobbler. Plus, exposure to farm life can boost immune systems in young children, teach them about farm life, and show them where their food comes from.

2. Make Your Own Water Park

If you have a lawn, the possibilities for activities are endless. All you need are some water balloons, water pistols, and a sprinkler to have hours of backyard fun, even with limited room. If you have more space, Pittsburgh pool installers can build you an above ground pool in no time, making your backyard the coolest spot in the neighborhood. Water games are a great way to keep the whole family cool and happy during hot summer days.

3. Host a Cooking Competition

Some days are too hot for outdoor activities, so an easy way to engage the whole family for hours is by hosting your very own cooking competition. You can do a Chopped-style challenge where each child has an identical basket of random ingredients to use, or a bake-off using a recipe of your choice. Family members too young to share the cooking responsibilities can be judges or placed on teams with older children and adults. Get as creative as you want with score sheets, chef outfits, and custom menus, and make sure to have a great prize for the winner.

4. Create New Bedtime Rituals

A great way to make this season special for your family is by creating new rituals for bedtime just for summer nights. Letting children stay up a little longer to celebrate the no-school schedule and catch some fireflies after dark will create wonderful new memories. You can make an outdoor theater by renting a projector and showing movies on the side of the house, or have a sibling sleepover with everyone in sleeping bags on the living room floor.

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