4 Signs Your Pond Needs Your Attention

If you’re like most pond owners, you enjoy the tranquil escape your pond brings. However, this tranquility can quickly be traded for a headache when issues arise. Here are 4 signs your pond needs your attention.

1. Algae and Aquatic Weeds

A common issue with ponds involves algae and the need for aquatic weed control. While most fresh bodies of water contain some algae, problems arise when the algae grow excessively. If your pond has turned the color of split peas, you most likely have a case of algae overgrowth on your hands. Algae blooms are toxic to people and animals. Other aquatic plant life, while non-threatening in small amounts, can easily become overgrown. In floating varieties, problems are more visible. However, submerged plants may require a more keen eye to identify issues.

2. Unhealthy Fish

While the occasional occurrence of dead fish in your pond should not be cause for alarm, consistent and increased numbers of dead fish represent a deeper issue. A healthy pond should be home to healthy fish. If the fish on your property are not healthy or have been dying at an alarming rate, a closer look is necessary to determine the cause of your sickly aquatic life.

3. Excessive Turbidity

Also known as muddy water, excessive turbidity prevents adequate light from entering the water. The issues that arise from excessive turbidity are twofold. Insufficient light prevents proper photosynthesis in the aquatic plants that fish rely on for food. This lack of light also hinders fish from finding and eating the plants that remain. If your pond is too muddy to see through, it needs a good clarification to restore and balance its ecosystem. Additionally, a muddy pond is a lackluster sight. Even if your pond is not stocked with fish, the turbidity should be kept at a minimum for maximum viewing pleasure!

4. High Insect Population

Gnats, biting midges and mosquitos around your pond present more than just a nuisance. These pesky insects can spread serious diseases if not mitigated properly. Because their life cycles partially take place in water, your property could become home to significant populations of them, seemingly overnight. Proper treatment of the pond is necessary to prevent harmful overpopulation of insects.

Several problems can turn your tranquil escape into a stressful situation. There is good news, however! With the proper treatment and tender loving care, your pond can return to the peaceful place it once was. Keep an eye open for these 4 signs to maintain your pond’s health!

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