3 Types of Roofing Materials

Whether you’re building a new home or need a new roof on an existing home, you have a lot of options when it comes to roofing materials. Each has its pros and cons, but in many cases the pros outweigh the cons for the particular roof it is installed on. The following are three types to consider.


One of the most weather-resistant roofing options is metal. There are a couple different styles with specific metals varying as well. This gives the roof a unique look compared to other roofing materials. Being a durable, aesthetically appealing option, many homeowners are turning to metal for cabins, cottages, bungalows and contemporary homes. The lifespan of metal roofing Broussard LA is quite a bit longer than other materials, sometimes lasting up to 75 years.


Asphalt roofing is an affordable option for a variety of home styles, especially those in the suburbs. You can find asphalt roofing in almost any color you can imagine, and it’s fairly quick and easy to install. For reinforcement, many homeowners add organic materials to the fiberglass shingles and there is no change in the appearance.


A classic roof look can be achieved with wood shingles and shakes. Though they used to be handmade, they are often manufactured by machine today, but they still offer that handmade look. Some woods used for this type of roof include southern pine, cedar and redwood. Whether your home is a cozy cottage, a cape cod stunner or a Tudor-style house, be sure your wood products are Class A fire-rated to keep the home safe.

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to roofing a home, and it doesn’t stop here. Whether you choose metal, asphalt, wood or another product, be confident in your decision by learning as much as you can about all the choices out there.

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